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Bookkeeping Services

These plans are purchased for ongoing bookkeeping services on a monthly basis.

We can provide basic services such as entering of expenses or bills, creating and sending invoices, following up on payments, account reconciliations, expense reports and more...


Choose the number of hours you need every month and click select.

You'll be able to select a start date and make your payment.

A call with be scheduled with you before you start date, to discuss your requirements.

  • Starter Bookkeeping

    Every month
    Great as a starter package for a new or small business
    • Basic bookkeeping services
    • 10 Hours Per month
  • Basic Bookkeeping

    Every month
    Ideal if you need a little extra support with bookkeeping
    • Basic bookkeeping services
    • 15 Hours Per Month
  • Advanced Bookkeeping

    Every month
    Idea for the busy businesses that need regular maintenance
    • Basic bookkeeping services
    • 20 Hours Per Month
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