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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can my Virtual Assistant work on holidays, weekends, or after-hours?

Most of our Virtual Administrators are open to working on holidays, weekends or after-hours on request.  Simply ask, and we'll chat to the team to find someone for you.

Will I meet my Virtual Assistant in person?

Our services are 100% remote, so while our Virtual Administrators are not available to meet in-person, we are all available for online/virtual calls via Zoom.

What happens if I cancel my booking, do I get a refund?

If you cancel your booking within 2 (or more) hours of your service, you will receive a credit that allows you to re-book a suitable time. Alternatively, we can refund the fees that you have paid.

Can I customize the service I receive?

We are able to customize packages and services. We first recommend that you view our Plans page to see if there is a suitable package to meet you needs. 

I want my phone answered after hours, is this possible?

Yes, our inbound call answering service can answer your phone 24/7. See our services page for more information on this plan.

I don't know which services I want, I may need all of them.

Choose a weekly or monthly plan suited to the amount of time you think you'll need. You are not limited to a specific service, we can do all and any administrative task that you send us!

What if you don't have enough time for me?

We have an amazing team of virtual assistants around the world. Meet our senior VA team here.

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