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The Team

Meet the administrators that make our magic happen!

Claudia Lowry

Claudia Lowry is the founder of Every Task LLC.

She was born in Cape Town, South Africa and now lives in New York

with her husband, Matthew and toddler, Ronan.

Claudia started her career as an office administrator, looking after

a regional director and 5 area directors in a corporate environment.

Through the years she developed her skillset in administration

as well as in sales management.

She owned two networking organization franchises in Cape Town

before relocating to New York, and was the Head of Branding

for the National Office of the Organization, as well as on
the National Training Team.

She is passionate about helping business owners focus on the things
that they love, while she and her team take care of
the day to day admin tasks.

"An owner should not be spending their precious time doing $25 an hour tasks. Their time is more valuable than that"

Claudia's key to success is a positive attitude and persistence.

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Claudia Lowry, owner and founder of Every Task
Gaushel Malarasu Kalaiselvi is on the every task team

Gaushel Kalaiselvi

Gaushel is an experienced mechanical engineer who has worked all over the world.

He is excellent at data verification and leads list creation.

His key to success is analytical thinking and problem solving.

Birgid Cummings is on our Every Task team handling bookkeeping

Birgid Cummings

Birgid has more than 10 years experience working remotely in various administration and customer-facing roles. 

She specializes in bookkeeping services.

Her key to success is attention to detail and flexibility.

Cora Vasilatou

Cora has worked for BMW South Africa as well as in the United Kingdom.

She is excellent at phone calls, data capturing and email management.

She is our senior virtual assistant and also family!

Her key to success is her accuracy and consistency.

Cora williams is on the every task team

Annrea Du Preez

Annrea is passionate about branding and design.

She specializes in design work, as well as phone calls, data capturing and systems management.

Her key to success is her adaptability and computer literacy.

Annrea du preez is on our every task team
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